Pokemon Type Weakness Calculator & Pokemon Weakness Chart

Pokemon Weakness Calculator:

Do you ever find yourself unsure about which type of pokemon to use against an opponent? Or maybe you’re wondering if you’re using the best moves against a certain type. Wonder no more, because, with this pokemon type weakness calculator, you can easily figure out your best course of action! Just input the information for both your pokemon and your opponent’s, and the calculator will do the rest. So start planning those strategic matchups today!.

Pokemon weakness calculator compares the weakness of your pokemon to the other pokemon types, you are gonna rock by utilizing this superb pokemon weakness calculator also known as pokemon type calculator. Ghost type’s weakness is normal & dark. Normally all these things cannot be remembered by you. we have presented the calculator along with the extraordinary features. Now you can manage your gaming journey very easily. Here we will give you a weakness chart as well. You can save this chart to memorize.

  You get all the required pieces of information from here. Let’s get started, and evaluate the weakness of your pokemon against the other ones. you’ll generate a suitable,  perfect plan & strategy after getting the idea about your Pokémon’s weaknesses that will lead you towards your success to the winning point.

Pokemon game is not just an adventuress game, it is a strategic game. You must have to plan for your gaming journey. Wise players always know about all the weaknesses & strengths of their opponents. you have to utilize this tool to get all the information about your Pokémon’s weaknesses against the other ones.

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Pokemon Team Weakness Calculator for your better Assistance:

We are giving you a concise chart that will assist you to recognize the weaknesses of your selected random pokemon type for maintaining your comfort.

  • Normal type pokemon is weak against Rock, Ghost & steel.
  • Electric-type Pokemon is fragile against Grass, dragon, and ground & electric.
  • Fire-type Pokemon is weak against water, dragon & rock.
  • Fighting-type is against poison, physic, flying & Bug.
  • Flying-type pokemon is weak against rock, steel & electricity.
  • Bug-type Pokemon is weak against fighting, poison, flying & ghost.
  • Grass-type Pokemon is fragile against flying, poison, bug, and steel.
  • Ground-type Pokemon is weak against flying, bug & grass.
  • Steel-type pokemon is weak against fire, water & electricity.
  • Poison-type Pokemon is fragile against ground, rock & ghosts.
  • Psychic-type Pokemon is weak against steel & dark.
  • Ghost-type Pokemon is weak against normal & dark.
  • Ice-type pokemon is fragile against steel, fire, water & ice.
  • Dark-type Pokemon is weak against fighting, dark & fairy.
  • Fairy-type Pokemon is weak against poison, steel & fire.
  • Dragon-type Pokemon is fragile against steel & fairy.

Pokemon Weakness Calculator

Steps To Use Pokemon Type Weakness Calculator:

  1. It is very easy to utilize even you are utilizing it for the very first time. We are providing you the complete guidance regarding the whole procedure. let’s Follow these guidelines step by step.
  2. The first thing that has to be done is to join our website by utilizing any of the browsers of your choice.
  3. After visiting our site, you’ll reach the home page. Here you would get the different generators or tools on the top bar menu.
  4. You have to pick up the “pokemon weakness calculator”. After clicking on the desired tool, the next page will be displayed over the screen.
  5. Now, you will be capable to get a complete preview of the tool.
  6. Here, you have to choose 6 pokemon by their name.
  7. After clicking over the pokemon name, the weakness would be shown in the red color and the strength would be displayed in the green color.
  8. The weakness & strengths of the pokemon types will display instantly.
  9. After getting the calculation you would get total resist, total immunity, and & total weakness in the separate options.
  10. In more simple words, you just have to select the pokemon names. All the calculations & outcomes would be shown in just a blink of an eye.
  11. Now, after getting the all information you have a clear & cut idea about the pokemon names that you have chosen. Now, you can beat your opponents very easily.

Features of  Pokemon Team Weakness Calculator:

Check out the weakness compatibility of the whole team:
We are permitting you to determine the weakness of your complete team. You can check out 6 pokemon weaknesses by choosing their name. Now evaluate the weakness and drawbacks of the complete team in a quick run.
Determine the weakness and strengths:
It’s an advanced and innovative tool, which not only provides you the calculation about the weakness against pokemon type, giving you the information about the strength & power as well.
Weakness chart is displayed for you:
Here we are giving you an exclusive tool that will provide you with all the required calculations in the fastest mode. We have presented a chart for the pokemon weaknesses against many pokemon types. You can check it out for getting more assistance.
Fastest & accurate calculations:
The result would be represented in just a few seconds after the clicking.  You have to click on any pokemon name, the exact calculation will be shown up on the right side of the relevant pokemon type.
Super responsive tool:
Your every click matters a lot in the tool. Once you have clicked any pokemon name, the relevant weakness & strength would be shown in the front of any relevant type.


Assist you to make a complete plan:

It is a strategic game you have to plan for the best. This calculation will assist you to select the best pokemon for your gaming purpose. After getting all the required calculations you want to get the basic ideas of the whole team’s strengths and weaknesses about yourself.  Pokemon types are going to affect your battles for sure. Let’s make an exclusive plan for the winning purpose.

Standard benefits:
– Helps you determine the best pokemon to use in your next battle
– Shows you the weaknesses of each pokemon type

– Helps you identify the weaknesses of your pokemon
– Shows you how to counter opponents’ pokemon

Emotional benefits:
– Never feel overwhelmed in a pokemon battle again.
– Win more battles and become a pokemon master!

– Finally be able to beat your friends in pokemon battles
– Feel like a true pokemon master

How do you know a Pokémon’s weakness?

You have to utilize this mnemonic to memorize weaknesses.
· Normal attacks as normal, no matter whom you fight.
· Grass, Ice, Bug, and Steel would be burnt in Fire’s blazing light.
· Water drowns out Fire, Rock, and even solid Ground.
· Those who can fly and those who can swim, fragile to Electric’s sound.
· Flying pecks at Grass and Bug, and brings Fighting to yield,
·  Grass, Psychic and Dark is quite sure to be Bug’s field!
· Grass soaks up the Water-type and breaks up Ground and Rock.
· Fire, Ice, Flying, and Bug are fragile to Rock’s hard knock.
· Ice freezes the earth and air, and snaps shut Dragon’s fangs,
· Dragon takes on Dragon, with a fiery, loud bang.
· Fighting takes out Normal, Ice, smashes Rock, Dark, and Steel.
· Poison comes and causes Fairy, Grass, and Bugs to keel.
· The Ghost would spook the Psychic, sometimes even himself.
· Steel brings Fairy, Ice, and Rock to go up on the shelf.
· Ground shakes up Electric, Rock, Poison Fire, and Steel.
· Psychic shall be the cause of Fighting and Poison to always kneel.
· Dark will scare the Psychic and bring terror to Ghost’s grin.
· Against Fighting, Dragon, and Dark, Fairy’s sure to win.
· You’ve memorized weaknesses for all the Pokémon types.
· Now you can do fight on the battlefield without having to gripe!

Frequently Ask Question :

Rock type is tied for first place for the most weaknesses in the category of most common weaknesses in pokemon. These weaknesses include Grass, Water, Fighting, Steel, and Ground type pokemon.

Dark-type Pokémon have resistances to Ghost, other Dark, and Psychic-type Pokémon. These are effective in Fighting, Bug, and Fairy-type moves.

Fairy-type Pokémon are strong against Dragon, Dark, and Fighting-type Pokémon, but are fragile to Poison and Steel types.