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What Is a CP Calculator?

CP stands for Combat Power in Pokemon games, like Pokemon GO. Our CP Calculator is a tool that helps estimate how strong a Pokemon can become by considering things like individual value (IV), type, and level. Our tool helps players find Pokemon with the best fighting abilities. The Evolution Calculator is another useful tool in Pokémon GO. Our tool gives accurate information about how Pokemon evolve, making the player’s gaming experience better.

Pokemon Go CP Calculator

CP Calculator Pokemon Go

The Pokemon CP (Combat Power) Calculator is a useful tool for evaluating a Pokemon’s potential strength and especially predicting its CP increase as it evolves. It helps predict how much the CP will go up after evolution by looking at the Pokemon’s current stats. Our tool is easy to use, even for beginners, and is designed to be efficient. The Pokémon GO Evolution Calculator is a quick and reliable way to guess how powerful an evolved Pokemon will be. It assists users in making smart choices for building strong teams in Pokémon GO. Very useful!

How To Use

There is a simple procedure to follow for the usage of this tool. Here are the steps;  

  • Enter the Pokemon name in the designated option.
  • Input the current CP (Combat Power) of your Pokemon.
  • Provide the current HP (Hit Points) of your Pokemon.
  • Click on the relevant option to initiate the evolution process.

Upon completing these steps, you will receive the following information: 

  • The new CP of your evolved Pokemon. 
  • The new HP of your evolved Pokemon. 

Follow these steps, and you’ll easily obtain the desired results for your Pokemon evolution using the tool.

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