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Pokemon Damage Calculator

Pokemon Damage Calculator is able to optimize EV spreads that permit the players to refine their battle strategies by taking benefits from the raw numbers. It would maximize the usefulness of the Pokemon’s EV in surviving in opposing moves. Pokemon damage is a loss of a Pokemon’s HP that happens as the outcome of a special or physical attack that was utilized against it by another Random Pokemon. You can easily know about your Pokemon, and whether will it bear damage against the opponent. You can make the right strategy for your battlefield by utilizing this Pokemon damage calculator.

Pokemon GO Damage Calculator

Pokemon GO Damage Calculator is an instrument that can be utilized to work out how much harm a Pokemon will arrangement to another Pokemon. The number cruncher considers various elements, including the Pokemon’s level, assault detail, protection detail, the move being utilized, and the sort matchup.

Pokemon Damage Calculator

Features Of Pokemon Damage Calculator

Pokemon Selection:

There is two Pokemon selection dropdown available to choose two different Pokemon for their damage calculation against each other. Simply, you just have to select two Pokemon and type in step one.

Pokemon Type:
Here we are providing you the option to select the Pokemon type twice. Pokemon types are a combination of Pokemon attributes and Pokemon movements. You have to select Pokemon types for the given run-down. Once you have chosen your Pokemon type, it will be effected to your calculation against the damage.

Level or State of your Pokemon:
In this step, you have to select the Pokemon level for which you are going to calculate. The Pokemon game levels will be ranged from 1 to 100. You can type the level as per your requirements.

HP & current HP Selection:
Here you have to fill this option with suitable numbers. If you don’t know about Pokemon HP, you will know here. HP is short for its point. Suppose, a Pokemon faints when its HP reaches zero, and it can’t be used on the battlefield again until & unless it is revived at a Pokemon center. In the HP section, you have to fill in the right numbers in the mentioned boxes of Base, IVs & Eves. After the calculation, it will represent the current HP as well.

Option to select:

  • Base
  • EV’s
  • IV’s

Attack Power Selection
The Attack determines how powerful a Pokémon’s physical moves would be. Each of the Pokémon you battle yields base points that can be helpful to upgrade your Pokémon’s base stats. Here are the choices that are given as the Base, IVs & Eves, you just have to select one of these options according to the attack.

Defense Selection:
Defensive power can protect Pokémon from threats. The defensive mechanism is the shielded protection that keeps you far away from damage or risk threats. It is the strength of your Pokemon. As in the previous case you have to fill Base, IVs & Eves options as per your suitability.

SP Attack Selection:
SP Pokemon attack is like Machop has a high Attack, which helps with moves like Low kick. Pokemon like Espeon has a high Sp. Attack, which assists with moves like Psychic.

SP Defense Selection:
The Sp. Def stat determines how perfect a Pokémon can defend against special moves. Like physical moves, special moves deal damage. The effectiveness level of a special move is normally evaluated by the Special Attack stat of the attacking Pokémon and the SP Defense stat of the shielding Pokémon.

Speed Selection:
the speed of Pokemon is a value that evaluates which Pokémon would act first while the battle. Normally, the Pokémon with the higher Speed would be the one to attack first. If we estimate, the average base Speed for a Pokémon, that is 66, and the average base Speed for a fully evolved Pokémon is 78.

Nature & Ability
Here is the selection for you to choose the nature & ability of your Pokemon. Nature is a mechanic that influences how a Pokémon’s stats grow. The ability of the Pokemon. A Rundown for both options is also available for your assistance and benefit. Let’s select nature & ability as per your demand.

Item & status
You can manage your Pokemon type by choosing any items to make it more beautiful and incredible. The number of items and attributes are available here for your help. Furthermore, you can select the status for your Pokemon as well, which would be calculated as well if it has any flaw within it.

How To Use Pokemon Damage Calculator

  1. Firstly visit our website and open the Pokemon Damage Calculator.
  2. In the given tab, you can see the following option (RBY GSC ADV DPP B/W ORAS USUM SWSH) select one as per your requirements
  3.  35 – 41.6%
     13.7 – 16.7%
     19.2 – 22.8%
     16.2 – 19.2%
  4. Provide one and select the type of it.
  5. Provide 2 and select the type of it.
  6. Select the Hp of your pokemon.
  7. Select Attack depends on your Pokemon nature.
  8. Select Defence Between 1 to 100.
  9. Select the Sp defense of both Pokemon.
  10. Select Sp attack.
  11. Then select nature, Ability, Status, and Item.
  12. Now, Select the current HP of your fresh Pokemon.
  13. Repeat all this for the second Pokemon for damage calculation.
  14. Choose the recommended values for a mid-column for damage calculation.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1- How is Pokémon damage calculated?
Pokemon damage calculator can work on different factors for example Pokemon nature type attaches defense Hp and many other factors. you just have to provide all the parameters and let this tool calculate the best Pokemon Damage calculation for you.

2- How do you use a damage calculator?

Simply follow the instructions that are given to you, and calculate the damage very easily. Still, if you are confused,  watch the video on YouTube and use this tool for your accurate decision.

3- How do you calculate Pokemon speed?

Multiple different gadgets were used to calculate Pokemon’s speed

Main Factors For Pokemon Speed Check

      • Find out the level of Pokemon between 5 levels to 500
      • Find the IVs of Pokemon it is a major speed stat
      • Find in EVs. EVs divided by 4 to your stat at Level 100.
      • Nurture of Pokemon has a huge impact on speed electric type pokemon performs very well when speed is required.