Pokemon Damage Calculator

Pokemon Damage Calculator

If you are losing battle to your competitor you do not know how much is damage your Pokemon. And for which Pokemon you should try it. Then don’t worry we have a solution for it.

A Pokemon Damage Calculator helps you predict how much harm your Pokemon’s attacks will do to opponents. It considers factors like Pokemon types, moves, stats, and even held items. This lets you plan out battles and choose the best moves to take down your foes.

If you build the Pokemon team according to calculating the CP (combat power) of the Pokemon but still lose the battle, then you should try our Pokemon Go damage calculator which can help you to make the powerful Pokemon team having the highest damage.

Pokemon Damage Calculator

Features Of Pokemon Damage Calculator

Pokemon Selection: You can pick two Pokemon from a dropdown menu to assess their combat potential against each other.

Pokemon Type: You can select Pokemon types twice, influencing damage calculations based on type matchups and resistances.

Level or state of your Pokemon: You can specify the Pokemon’s level (1 to 100) and input HP details, including Base, IVs, and EVs, which impact the current HP calculation.

Attack Power Selection: You can choose Attack parameters (Base, IVs, or EVs), determining the effectiveness of physical moves.

Attack Power Selection: You can choose Attack parameters (Base, IVs, or EVs), determining the effectiveness of physical moves.

Defense Selection: You can define Defense parameters (Base, IVs, or EVs), influencing the Pokemon’s ability to withstand attacks.

Special Attack (SP Attack) Selection: You can input parameters affecting Special Attack strength, which impacts the power of special moves.

Special Defense (SP Defense) Selection: You select parameters affecting Special Defense, influencing the Pokemon’s resistance to special moves.

Speed Selection: You can input the Pokemon’s speed value, determining its agility and priority in battle.

How To Use Pokemon Damage Calculator

  1. When you open our tool, you can see the following option (RBY GSC ADV DPP B/W ORAS USUM SWSH) select one as per your requirements.
  2.  35 – 41.6%
     13.7 – 16.7%
     19.2 – 22.8%
     16.2 – 19.2%
  3. Provide one and select the type of it.
  4. Provide 2 and select the type of it.
  5. Select the Hp of your pokemon.
  6. Select Attack depends on your Pokemon nature.
  7. Select Defence Between 1 to 100.
  8. Select the Sp defence of both Pokemon.
  9. Select Sp attack.
  10. Then select nature, Ability, Status, and Item.
  11. Now, Select the current HP of your fresh Pokemon.
  12. Repeat all this for the second Pokemon for damage calculation.
  13. Choose the recommended values for a mid-column for damage calculation.

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