Pokemon GO Database

Pokemon GO Database

The Pokemon GO database set is an assortment of information on pretty much all of the Pokémon that show up in the Pokémon GO portable game. The informational index integrates information about each Pokrmon’s name, species, type, subtleties, moves, age, and improvements. Moreover, it contains data about the game areas of each Pokémon.

Players who need to find out about the Pokémon in the game can involve the Pokémon data set as a helpful asset. It very well may be utilized to look further into explicit Pokémon, contrast them with each other, or sort out where to see as one.

A gathering of workers is responsible for keeping up with the Pokemon Pokedex Information base. The Pokémon GO game itself, the Irregular Pokémon GO site, and other web-based assets all assume a part in the assortment of the information that makes up the data set.

Pokemon Type Database

Pokemon Generation Database

As new information becomes available, the Pokémon GO informative index is constantly refreshed. You can notify the maintainers if you discover any errors in the informational index.

Final Thoughts

The Pokémon GO knowledge base is constantly changing as new Pokémon are introduced to the game and new research is completed. If you play Pokémon GO, I urge you to learn as much as you can about the game’s Pokémon by reading the informational index.